Shaun Keogh – Project Manager, Argyle

Shaun Keogh
Project Manager, Argyle

Shaun KeoghRecently celebrating 20 years at Macmahon, Shaun Keogh has a unique perspective of the opportunities working for a mining contractor can provide, although his original ambitions included serving in the regional police force, practicing psychology or even running a wheat or sheep farm. 

It was fortunate for Macmahon that Shaun decided to enter the mining industry, joining the business in 1997 as a Plant Operator. Thanks to extensive exposure to a range of training courses, Shaun is an experienced field scalping unit operator,heavy earthmoving equipment operator, leading hand, supervisor, and production superintendent. He currently more than capably fills the role of Project Manager at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Kununurra working under Macmahon’s Indigenous Doorn Djil Yoordaning contracting business.

Well positioned to share his thoughts on life at Macmahon, Shaun is proud to be a part of a company with a strong reputation for enthusiastic performance and a “never give up” attitude.

“From humble beginnings 20 years ago, I am grateful to have actively been involved in the growth of individual people and the company as a whole,” said Shaun. “I appreciate the responsibility I am afforded along with the support from my team to succeed in all aspects of my job.”

“I really enjoy working with our Indigenous employees, learning first hand their expectations, challenges, mannerisms and their distinctive way of thinking. I now see life and work in a different light,” expressed Shaun.  “I’m more aware of Indigenous peoples obligations to their culture and why.”

The team structure at Argyle allows Shaun a hands on approach working closely together to ensure all tasks are completed safely and on time. “There is a candid openness amongst the team with everyone given the support and confidence to speak about potential improvements to operational processes,” said Shaun.

Shaun and his team have worked hard to ensure that Macmahon maintains a strong relationship with our client and along the way he enjoys the perfect natural beauty of the Kimberleys that some would say, takes your breath away.

There have been many mentors, past and present that have shared their expertise and guidance with Shaun.  “The main thing I have learnt is to follow through on your actions and never give up on your team. Find out who they are and what drives them and always push hard to find solutions. It is also important to recognise good work and provide positive feedback where it’s due,” said Shaun. “I have also learnt that not all management methods are successful so it is very important to practise what works in the field to ensure a team works hard and safely unsupervised as well as they do when they’re supervised.”   

Working FIFO from Perth, Shaun looks forward to his seven days off to spend time with his wife and son swimming at the pool or beach, motorbike riding, camping, walking and socialising as often as possible. “Having a full week off for R&R after two weeks on site allows me to spend quality time without being as rushed as someone who works six days a week in the city,” said Shaun. “I also like to socialise with some of our team that travel in and out Perth, typically inviting them to our home for a meal, coffee or catch up, just to enjoy spending time outside of a work environment.”

After 20 years with Macmahon Shaun has gained a better understanding not to take things too seriously and to be aware of differences between perceived pressure and real pressure in the overall big picture. Shaun says that success and experience is only gained by action and giving it a go as well as listening to your team members as an opportunity to learn!

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