Macmahon is committed to:

  • Respecting local traditions, rights, interests, cultures, perspectives and special connections to lands and waters of surrounding communities
  • Adopting and applying culturally appropriate engagement and consultation processes with communities and other key stakeholders
  • Stipulating that suppliers and contractors conduct themselves in accordance with the Company’s policies, standards and guidelines.
Macmahon Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We aim to build strong relationships with communities based on trust as well as open and honest engagement and aim to partner with trusted local authorities.

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Macmahon Diversity


Macmahon recognises the benefits of having a diverse workforce and seeks to create an inclusive workplace environment.

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Macmahon Indigenous Engagement

Indigenous Engagement

Macmahon actively encourages the employment of Indigenous Australians and we continue to work with our clients in other areas to provide opportunities for Indigenous participation in our projects.

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