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Human Rights

Macmahon respects internationally recognised human rights principles. We support the overarching proposition that all businesses have a role to play in eliminating modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. Our Human Rights Policy includes a commitment that our employees, contractors and suppliers are entitled to work in an environment and under conditions that respect their rights and dignity. We also have human rights commitments in our Code of Conduct and policies on issues such as employment and diversity.

Modern Slavery Statement

Macmahon is undertaking due diligence activities to identify, address, mitigate and prevent human rights impacts from our operations and supply chain through our procurement practices and contractual arrangements. This includes conducting supplier questionnaires and training employees in charge of procurement.

Read our Modern Slavery statements here:

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Integrity is one of Macmahon’s five core values and we expect all employees to act lawfully, ethically and responsibly. Our expectations on anti-bribery and corruption are detailed in our Code of Conduct which is available on our website.

Macmahon’s approach to bribery and corruption is supported by our Whistleblower Policy. We have a number of channels for making a report, including a whistleblower hotline for employees to call if they feel unable to raise actual or suspected unlawful, unethical or irresponsible behaviour. Where potential issues are reported, we have protocols in place where a Board-level committee will be confidentially alerted to these concerns.

All employees are required to complete training on our Code of Conduct in their induction program and annually thereafter.

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