Macmahon’s Environmental Policy is to minimise the adverse impact on the environment as a result of our business activities. We continue to implement environmental management strategies and plans to ensure compliance with all legal requirements regarding important issues such as biodiversity, waste, hazardous substances, water, noise and cultural heritage management. We are pleased to report that there were no major environmental incidents, prosecutions or infringements for FY 19-20.

Environmental Strategy

The Group recognises the importance of integrating environmental management into how we do business. Macmahon’s ISO AS/NZS 14001 certified Environmental Management System provides the framework to enhance the Group’s environmental performance.

Increasing our market share in rehabilitation work is a key part of our business strategy. This work typically includes completing earthworks and revegetation on land disturbed by mining activities to ensure it is stable, safe and suitable for post-closure use. During 2020, we rehabilitated a total of 107 hectares for our clients.

Waste and recycling

Macmahon remains committed to ensuring that all waste materials are disposed of in an approved and environmentally responsible manner. This includes materials such as tyres, oils and lubricants and office waste. We often repair tyres to extend life but once they have reached a worn out state, they are disposed through Environmental Protection Authority approved channels and the use of certified waste disposal companies.

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Water Management

Environmental sampling

Macmahon is committed to reducing the impacts on water quality associated with its mining operations. Regular sampling and reporting takes place at the Sejorong River in Sumbawa, near Batu Hijau’s copper-gold mine in Indonesia.

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