Core Policies

Macmahon’s vision is to be the preferred contracting and services company:

  • For employees to work for
  • For customers to use
  • For shareholders to invest in

The Company’s core policies guide employee behaviour and the way in which the Company engages with its stakeholders. The Company Values are an integral part of the way Macmahon conducts its operations.

Policy Download
Code of Conduct Click here to download 2.7 MB
Statement of Values Click here to download 1.7 MB
Risk Management Policy Click here to download 156 KB
Quality Policy Click here to download 82 KB
Safety and Health Policy Click here to download 180 KB
Environmental Policy Click here to download 83 KB
Indigenous Peoples Policy Click here to download 177 KB
Equal Employment and Diversity Policy Click here to download 84 KB
Diversity Policy
Click here to download 176 KB
2019 WGEA Report Click here to download 348 KB
Human Rights Policy Click here to download 70 KB
Climate Change Position Statement Click here to download 180 KB

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