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Drill QC Helper, Martabe

Yona Amelia Siregar
Drill QC Helper, Martabe

After attending university, highly ambitious graduate Yona Amelia Siregar, begun working at Macmahon as a valued Drill QC Helper. Since the establishment of her mining career, Yona quickly attained a well-deserved promotion to be a Drill Operator at Macmahon’s Martabe Gold Mine Site. Yona currently lives with her family at Mabang Pasir Indonesia, which is around 19 km from the site. Currently, Yona is on a DIDO roster, and rides in on her motorbike for 2 weeks of day shifts and 2 weeks of night shifts.

Since joining the team in February of 2016, Yona has become more than capable in many essential mining training areas. These include fatigue awareness, hazard awareness, lightning awareness and SOP training. Yona has learnt quickly through her driven nature and by immersing herself in new roles with the guidance of her mentors Fernando Simatupang and Nichson Agus Sappu. Her mentors have provided Yona with a solid sense of support daily, allowing her to reach her full potential.

Blast hole drilling is the first and most crucial part of the mining process. This means that Yona is involved in a critical path to successful mining operations, being essential for the completion of a cost effective operation. Through her career so far, Yona has proudly never experienced property damage and has always exceeded targets and expectations of her managers.

“Since I began working at Macmahon, I have learned to value money and time, and to not be afraid to try something new,” Yona said when asked about key on the job learnings.

In her breaks, Yona enjoys socialising with her colleagues – which may explain why they are such a great team on site. The team spend most of their free time exploring the city together. “Macmahon has given me the opportunity to visit Australia, which made me extremely happy,” Yona shared. In the future, Yona looks forward to progressing her career with Macmahon, travelling more around the world and enjoying a prosperous livelihood to provide for her family.