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Legal Support Officer

Paul Tulloch
Legal Support Officer

Paul Tulloch's career journey began with Macmahon 15 years ago and we were delighted to see him celebrate his admission to practice law in Western Australia on 1 April 2022. Throughout his time with us, Macmahon has continually supported Paul with his career progression, so it was a proud day for our team as well!
Paul Tulloch – Legal Support Officer at Macmahon

Paul has a young family, and has received a huge amount of support from his wife Nikki. They have a three-year-old son Griffin and a daughter Wren who was born in November 2021 — just a month after he completed his legal studies!

Now in the role of a Legal Support Officer, Paul’s Macmahon journey began in 2007 when he joined the team as a Trade Assistant and then developed an interest in Maintenance Planning. After five years at the Orebody 18 mine in Newman, Paul moved to the corporate office in the plant team, continuing with maintenance planning work before spending time in the Plant Tendering team.

While working full-time in this role, Paul also began studying on the side in 2014. While completing a business degree, it was the law units that he enjoyed the most. So when he graduated in 2018, Paul knew he wanted to pursue further legal studies.

Managing full-time legal studies whilst working full-time is no mean feat, but Paul was up for the challenge. To gain experience and support his studies, Paul joined Macmahon’s legal department in 2019. He had already worked for Macmahon for 12 years at that stage, and knew the business and his team would support him as he embarked on this new career path.

I credit the company culture, where we all work towards one common goal as the reason for my company loyalty.”

Three years on, Paul is now a lawyer and is looking forward to a bold new set of challenges. His duties involve many aspects of law from property, estates, employment, contract, and company law. Paul has definitely found his place in the legal team and we’re so lucky to have him at Macmahon.

“I’m grateful to Macmahon for the study assistance program,” he says. “It allowed me to attend exams and provided flexible working hours to help me fit in work and study. I would like to recognise that anything I have achieved was not done alone – I have had invaluable support from my family, friends, and teammates. Special thanks to my wife Nikki for all of her love and encouragement.”

During his admission ceremony, Paul was required to have a legal practitioner ‘move’ his admission as part of the process. Maha Chaar, Macmahon’s General Counsel, acted as moving counsel.

In what is his 10th role at Macmahon, Paul says he finds his job rewarding every day. His tasks include applying Macmahon’s risk guidelines to draft contracts contained in tenders and consideration of which project risks Macmahon is willing to accept. If the contract contains unacceptable terms or unusual risks that cannot be changed through negotiation, then approval from the senior executives or the Board is required. It’s a challenging role, but Paul is doing a fantastic job.

On any given day, Paul finds himself reviewing four or five contracts and up to two mining contracts in a week. To say he’s a prolific reader is an understatement!

Paul’s learning journey isn’t over yet. His next focus will be on the arts — more specifically, learning to speak Japanese. In his spare time, he’s also learning to play the piano. Paul encourages anyone to continually expand their skill set – tertiary education is a great way to open up new career options.

Studying during a pandemic has been great for me. With travel restrictions, I’ve had more time to dedicate to my studies.”

Paul strongly believes that education opens more doors. He’s self-motivated and has his sights set on a General Counsel role providing corporate advice in his future.

The future for Paul is undoubtedly bright and driven. We’re incredibly proud of his career journey and we can’t wait to see him continue to grow and develop his skills in the legal profession.