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Project Engineer, Deflector

Nadine Linnartz
Project Engineer, Deflector

Since joining GBF in September 2018, Nadine Linnartz has thrived in a variety of underground mining roles. Highly capable and skilled with a drive to upskill, Nadine has quickly worked her way up to her current role as Project Engineer at the Deflector Underground Mine in WA.

While she was working as a Bogger Operator at the Silverlake Resources Mt Monger operations in Kalgoorlie, Project Manager Michael Naughton noticed the engineering degree on Nadine’s resume. With a position as a Project Engineer for Macmahon up for grabs, Michael encouraged Nadine to apply for the role, which would be at the Deflector Underground Mine.

“We both agreed that it is a great fit for the experience I have, and it came in line with what I always wanted to do,” Nadine said.

Since taking on the new role in July 2021, Nadine has flourished. She has combined practical underground experience with her mechanical engineering degree and Diploma in Frontline Management to assist the Project Manager with underground operations. Nadine has felt consistently supported by her team while adjusting to the new role. She has received offers of support, help and mentorship from Project Managers working at different mine sites.

With Nadine’s solid worth ethic and dedication to ongoing learning, Macmahon’s study program makes further studies at Curtin University possible as she starts her graduate Diploma in Mining in early 2022. In addition, German-born Nadine has various other personal projects on the horizon, including gaining rock drill experience, completing her shift boss ticket and applying for her WA first-class mine manager certificate to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a Project Manager.

“Macmahon–GBF provides a close-knit, multiskilled working environment that enables people to better themselves. So, if you’re looking to become more independent and gain new skills that allow you to build on your foundations, look no further,” she says.

Nadine is a proud Australian permanent resident who encourages all women considering a career in mining to just go for it.

“Take advantage of the opportunities that are presented, work hard and be confident in your ability and you will be successful.”