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HD Mechanic, Mt Morgans

Aaron Vitor
HD Mechanic, Mt Morgans

Growing up in the Philippines, Aaron Vitor wanted to become a mechanical engineer once he left school. However, after applying for and consequently securing a scholarship through a Caterpillar dealer, he completed his Heavy Diesel Mechanic apprenticeship. In 2012, Aaron joined Macmahon working across our Western Australian operations as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic.

Aaron first worked for Macmahon at FMG’s Christmas Creek Project for three years. “I really enjoyed being part of a special team working on big machines” he said. After returning to the Philippines for a couple of years, Macmahon reached out to Aaron to re-join the team in June of 2019 at Dacian Gold’s Mt Morgans operation in WA.

During his time with Macmahon, Aaron has had the opportunity to upskill via a number of training courses. “I’ve had the opportunity recently to undergo drill training, so I can become more familiar with the machines we use and develop the necessary skills to work on them” said Aaron. He’s also learnt a lot about himself over the years, “even though I’m a small guy, I have the confidence within myself to repair and fix big jobs on the big trucks!” he says.

Aaron has also learnt a great deal from team members over the years, including his current supervisor, Rodney, who stands out as a mentor of his. “He’s the best, I’ve learned a lot from him. He is so supportive of me, especially as I come from a different cultural background; Rodney is always around to give me a boost when I need it”.

Recognised by his team for his safe work practises, according to Aaron, the best part of his job is the satisfaction when a big repair job is completed on time. He thrives in the close-knit team at Mt Morgans. “The people around me are always so supportive, we all support each other and work as a team. Even though my family live in the Philippines, I don’t feel like I’m ever alone.”

Working a 2:1 roster, during his R&R you can find Aaron relaxing and catching up on his latest Netflix series or speaking to his family back home and teaching himself to cook the food he misses the most.

“When I’m home in the Philippines, my brother and I go fishing together as we live close to a lake. I enjoy spending quality time bonding with him”.