Meghan Williams - Manager, Business Systems

Meghan Williams
Manager, Business Systems

Spiros Christour

Since 2004 Meghan Williams has developed her IT career in roles from Helpdesk Officer, to acting Group Manager – Technology & Innovation. Now as Manager – Business Systems, Meghan provides leadership to the Business Systems and Service Desk teams who are responsible for the day to day support of all software and applications including system maintenance, testing and analysis of problems and possible solutions for key issues.

Working in IT and in mining provides considerable scope for travel. “I have seen some truly amazing places through different site trips, beautiful landscapes driving to Waihi, Renison and Eaglefield, along with wonderful introductions to local cultures in Indonesia and Mongolia,” said Meghan.

Mentors play an important role and while Meghan doesn’t point out anyone in particular, she did pay attention to other females in leadership positions during her career. “It might sound cliché but working in a male dominated profession (IT) in a male dominated industry like mining can be daunting at times. We have been lucky to have many truly talented women in the organisation over the years that I have worked for the company, and they have helped motivate me to where I am today.”

As part of her career development, Meghan was fortunate to be selected for Macmahon’s graduate program, which opened her eyes to broader operational perspectives. Along the way Macmahon has also supported Meghan to complete her MBA and more recently, she has participated in an emerging leader program, which will continue with further leadership training in 2021.

Meghan has certainly worked hard to get to where she is today with many achievements to be proud of. “One of my fondest memories to date was in 2008 when the CIO at the time resigned. I was approached with a retention offer and whilst the financial reward to stay was enticing, more so it was personally rewarding to be recognised as someone Macmahon wanted to keep within the organisation.”

Since joining the company, Meghan has learned that anything can be achieved if it is planned for applying this logic to both her professional and personal life. “The things that always catch us out are the things that we didn’t think of. It’s also important not to get too wedded to a plan – because plans will always change and now, I simply make sure I have planned for the change!”

Speaking of her personal life, Meghan fell in love across the cubicle divide, marrying a fellow IT Manager. She and husband Chris have built a family with their three beautiful children. Her life is certainly busy with her youngest child just two years old. “I’m now working four days a week which is hectic at times but planning and organisation helps things run smoothly.”

A couple of fun facts about Meghan. She has a passion for shoes, so much so that there was a reference in her wedding vows that her husband is never allowed to complain about additions to her collection. Not quite as fun for Meghan, but funny all the same is her fear of frogs. If you’re in the industry and travel to site, its fairly frequent that you’ll come across a frog or three and Meghan has had her fair share of roommates in her time including when a tap turned out to be a tree frog!

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