Macmahon Graduates

Abuzar Haidari Graduate Mining EngineerAbuzar Haidari – Graduate Engineer

“I began working in the exploration and geology department. During this time I was exposed to drill core analysis, grade control, ore sampling and the gold pour. It was surprising to see the geology team offering class-room like lessons on ore geology and how to mine them to the operators which highlighted the level of integration on site,” said Abuzar Haidari - Mining Engineer, Tropicana.

Abuzar was in the thick of the action with the drill and blast crew down in the pit where he was responsible for assisting in a range of blasting activities including dipping, loading, stemming and tie ins.

“The work was demanding but I savoured the opportunity to learn as much I could about drill and blast designs and bench development. I also especially enjoyed attending the planning and production meetings where key strategies were discussed and tactics implemented,” Abuzar said.

Abuzar valued witnessing first-hand the dynamic and fast-paced nature of mining during meetings where robust decision making and efficient communication was performed under high pressure conditions.

“Overall, it was an immersive experience involving lots of learning, hard work and fun. My colleagues went out of their way to make me feel welcome, guide me and create a safe work place. Macmahon is entering an exciting period and I am delighted to be joining them on this journey and making a strong contribution towards the company’s success,” said Abuzar.

Khatanbaata – Graduate Engineer

Mining Engineer, Khatanbaata, was at the Telfer site for his work experience.  He learned many aspects of what goes in to a daily production plan including the general process of how a daily production plan is initially planned, developed and completed; as well as how much work and detail goes into every stage of planning.

“During two swings I learned that there are many different types of work a production engineer has to perform which has provided me with more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that I could perform as a Production engineer,” said Khatanbaata.

Tasks are demonstrated using a step by step process with graduates able to observe and learn from the team of supervisors, leading hands, blast engineers, geo-tech engineers, geologists and the like.

“Touring the pit to check on operations and being involved in design for ramps and haul roads was really valuable in terms of applying my theoretical knowledge to real life situations,” Khatanbaata said.

Khatanbaata thought that his site was relatively diverse with operators, supervisors, leading hands, administrators, managers and mining engineers all working well together.

“The range of people offered different strengths and experience where they all worked together to ensure an efficient working environment. There was a real team culture which provided a good atmosphere to work in that I was grateful for as my first experience on a mine site,” said Khatanbaata.


Will NisbetWill Nisbet – Graduate Engineer

Mining Engineer, Will Nisbet was on site at Telfer for his graduate experience. He now has a general understanding of the daily life of a production engineer which ensures that all site personnel know what the plans are for the coming days.

“I enjoyed learning about the daily plans and how to use Vulcan software in assigning daily tasks as well as participating in the PSI’s,” said Will. “I learned about the importance of forward planning to determine what area would be mined next and communicating with other departments to ensure the approach was well coordinated,” Will added.

Importantly, engineers also need to develop alternatives to scheduled plans as operational conditions do not always allow original plans to be carried out.

“Learning to overcome issues and come up with alternative plans was an important part of the day.  I also learnt how Macmahon is using technology to make it easier to follow performance and track improvement through programs like Power BI and Maxmine,” said Will.

Working for Macmahon is more than just a job with many individuals enjoying the diversity of working across multiple projects and commodities. 

“Learning to overcome issues and come up with alternative plans was an important part of the day.  I learnt how Macmahon is using technology to make it easier to follow performance and track improvement through programs like Power BI and Maxmine.”

Where possible graduates will be offered permanent positions with Macmahon and we look forward to helping them to develop long and rewarding careers in the mining industry.

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