Lyndall Grace - Assistant Accountant, Brisbane Office

Lyndall Grace
Assistant Accountant, Brisbane Office

Lyndall Grace

Since beginning the Accounting Graduate Program in March 2018, Macmahon has unlocked new opportunities for Lyndall Grace – our Assistant Accountant who has recently transferred from Perth to the Brisbane office. Lyndall is an incredibly talented young woman who presently supports our east coast finance department and assists in integrating TMM Group into the business, in processes, values and technology.

“I chose Macmahon for my graduate program because I’d heard wonderful things. My father’s been in mining his whole career, and so I know quite a few current and ex-employees who’ve got nothing but praise for the company. Opportunities, teamwork and success were all things relayed to me before interviewing,” said Lyndall.

Lyndall goes above and beyond, exceeding expectations of all of her mentors and quickly captivated her Macmahon colleagues. Not only did Lyndall obtain her degree at Queensland University of Technology and Curtin University, since starting with Macmahon she has acquired her Mental Health Ambassador qualification. Lyndall also participated in extensive IT training, and began her Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting, sky rocketing her career.

“The best thing about working at Macmahon is the constant change, always making room for a new challenge. The company has continued to grow and offers new opportunities and experiences, which has been reflected heavily in my personal experience so far,” said Lyndall.

At her young age, Lyndall impressively took on the opportunity to transfer interstate with Macmahon. In preparation for this, Lyndall gained experience over many aspects of the civil business unit. Lyndall has been involved in project analysis and reporting, plant, cash flow, payroll and other finance related components since commencement.

“The transfer to Queensland has done wonders for my career prospects. Experience in different business units, areas of finance, teams and cities has really tested and polished my adaptability and given me the experience, connections and knowledge to work with several parts of the Macmahon business going forward,” shared Lyndall.

Lyndall voiced her gratitude for her mentors who have guided her in her career path, “I haven’t really had just one mentor in my time at Macmahon. I’ve worked under several different mentors within the finance teams in both Perth and in Brisbane. All of my mentors have been great support in both work and studies, providing help when I need it and encouraging me to take opportunities within the business,” said Lyndall.

Although Lyndall’s transfer has gone extremely well, she does miss her family and friends in Perth. Lyndall also shared how she enjoyed spending time with the Perth Macmahon team, frequently catching up on weekends for afternoons at the pub, quiz nights and going dancing with her colleagues.

Lyndall has a multitude of talents, back home in Perth she was the captain for two women’s roller hockey teams and trained with the Curtin Wesley women’s footy team, all while still spending time with her family and friends.

Flourishing in her new busy Brisbane life, Lyndall has established her own roller hockey league along with one of her oldest friends from Perth. Her league has vastly grown, now with over 130 members – and will soon be registered as a Not for Profit and Lyndall will take on the title of co-president.

Lyndall is a busy woman to say the very least, juggling a successful career with an exciting social life. She is currently preparing for her first season of women’s footy with her new team; the Sherwood Magpies. She also enjoys spending time with her new baby cousin Bronte, creating marketing material and developing events for her hockey league, networking and enjoying her new office and home in the CBD.

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