When mining contractor Macmahon Holdings was planning a dedicated mental health program, it went in search of something special to get traction with its largely fly-in, fly-out workforce.

As earthquakes in Lombok continue to devastate the region, Macmahon is supplying much needed aid for the local people.

Macmahon is partnering with Working Spirit, a not-for-profit charity working to raise awareness of Australian Military Veteran employability to businesses in the public and private sectors. 

World Environment Day was celebrated across our operations earlier this month bringing awareness to the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution".

Macmahon takes fit for work seriously with our WAC office 12 week health and fitness challenge. With three great prizes up for grabs, the competition was fierce. For some it was just a matter of getting fitter but for others there was a genuine desire to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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