Macmahon provides a training and development program at the Byerwen Coal Mine in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, that engages the local traditional land owners (the Jangga people) who are new to the mining industry. Formal traineeships result in a Certificate III in Surface Extraction and a career in mining with Macmahon.

Macmahon is working hard to minimise the risks associated with COVID-19.

Macmahon is proudly hosting graduate assessment centres in Australia for recently graduated or near graduated people for intake into their annual graduate programs.

More than two thirds of Australian adults are classified as overweight or obese. Obesity and lifestyle related chronic conditions place considerable burden upon individuals themselves and the conditions are often complex and long-term.

Capturing the diverse skills and talents of highly-trained defence force personnel as they transition to civilian work requires a specialised approach by the mining industry and its service providers. But the upside benefits of channelling this human resource into the sector will make it worthwhile.

It is estimated one in five people globally will experience a mental health problem, such as depression or anxiety, in a given year.

Mining industry workers can be particularly at risk, with common triggers including spending long periods of time away from home, working long hours, financial stress, shift rosters and social isolation.

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