Aid assistance to Lombok locals

As earthquakes in Lombok continue to devastate the region, Macmahon is supplying much needed aid for the local people.

 Macmahon operates across a number of mine sites in Indonesia including Batu Hijau and Tujuh Bukit.  At Batu Hijau, Macmahon recently ran an employee blood drive donation and have supplied water, blankets, food and materials to local communities. From the donated materials the army and Amman Minerals are constructing toilets which include water tanks for the villages. Our camp kitchen also prepared and sent hot meals to the villages. At Tujuh Bukit, Macmahon Safety Superintendent, Hardi Kepler is working with the BSI emergency response team to assist in first aid and rescue efforts. Macmahon is hoping that relief efforts can help to ease the suffering of communities and aid in the recovery process.

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