Janice Pandian - Graduate Mine Engineer

Janice Pandian
Graduate Mine Engineer, Perth, WAC

Janice Pandian

Janice Pandian is currently looking forward to participating in a collaborative effort between the Operational Excellence (OE) team and the surface mining projects to implement value improvement initiatives.

Janice is an aspiring project manager in the making who knows that it takes a strong understanding of risk management processes and self management skills to reach her goal of managing one of Macmahon’s projects in the future.

Janice’s performance in Year 12 gave her an indication of her strengths, and she chose to study Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy to ensure she was in a strong position to enter the resources industry, in particular Macmahon. By thoroughly researching companies she was considering, Janice was impressed by Macmahon’s recent financial performance and substantial order book in existing contracts which gave her confidence in the company’s future outlook.

Having set her sights on Macmahon, Janice considered the company’s graduate development program and learned that over the course of three year’s she would be well positioned to gain experience across the company’s wide range of operations and business improvement initiatives.

Fast forward to June 2020 and Janice has been reaping the program's benefits for the past 10 months gaining experience in many areas including drill and blast and the OE team where she is broadening her understanding of mining operations, project management, stakeholder engagement, process improvement, and operational efficiencies.

“Macmahon focusses on retaining their graduates and this has been demonstrated in the training opportunities I have been afforded thus far. There are countless opportunities for me to add value and improve how I contribute to the business”, said Janice.

“My mentor, Owen Barton, has helped to transform the way I approach projects now. I have a better understanding of how to strengthen the credibility of the data supporting an OE project that I have been allocated, which is providing real value to the team.”

Janice’s business acumen, passion for the industry, and drive to succeed has put her in a really strong position to succeed at Macmahon.

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