Jade Passmore - Project Manager, Julius Gold Mine

Jade Passmore
Project Manager, Julius Gold Mine

Jade Passmore

Jade Passmore holds a special place at Macmahon. Over the past 20 years, she has worked on and off in various roles. And now, Jade holds the title of the first female Project Manager at Macmahon!

Jade’s journey started in 1999 when she worked as an Excavator and Face Shovel Operator at Mt Todd in the Northern Territory. Fifteen years later, Jade took on the role of Safety Training Advisor/Superintendent.

In 2018, Jade was an Operations Superintendent, and in 2019, she went to South Africa as a Training and L&H Specialist. In 2020, Jade returned to Australia as a Business Improvement Manager. She likes how Macmahon put her forward for roles we think will suit her.

Now Jade is a Project Manager at Northern Star’s Julius Gold Mine. She believes her biggest challenge will be creating a culture that brings everyone together.

Jade will provide incentives for her team, create upskilling and training opportunities, and always welcome feedback, as this is important for development and staff morale.

Over two decades in the mining industry, Jade has learned valuable lessons, including staying humble.

“Without your team, you cannot achieve anything, so look after your people and treat them well”, says Jade.

“Just because I have a manager title doesn’t mean I’m any more important than anyone else on site. Everyone has an important role to play and should be valued equally.”

Jade is grateful for waking up every morning, surrounding herself with good people, and laughing. She has a few hidden talents that her co-workers get to see while on shift. Jade hopes to return to her favourite place, Croatia, as soon as restrictions ease.

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