Bianca Giovinazzo - HD Mechanic, WAC

Bianca Giovinazzo
HD Mechanic, WAC

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Macmahon’s WAC Workshop welcomed Bianca Giovinazzo to the team in November 2018 as a HD Mechanic.

Bianca has always been attracted to fast and powered up cars so she originally considered studying to be a light vehicle mechanic. Upon realising that LV mechanics rely more heavily on electronic diagnostics, Bianca opted for the HD Mechanic trade as her interests are in diagnosing faults, pulling components apart and ultimately rebuilding them.

Since joining Macmahon, Bianca is enjoying her newfound specialty of rebuilding Final Drives.  These vital systems provide our heavy duty plant with the power required to withstand the forces of high torque and impact loads across our mine sites.

“Going home at the end of the day and knowing I rebuilt a 793 final drive by myself is so fulfilling”, said Bianca. “

The time to pursue a career as a skilled tradie is now with good money on offer and a shortage of mechanics, there are more and more opportunities available.  As a female working in a male dominated environment, there are challenges and this particular role involves high straining manual handling but it doesn’t have to rule women out.  So if you’re mechanically minded, Bianca recommends women should strongly consider a career as a HD Mechanic in the mining industry.

Bianca works in a small team in the component workshop, which requires real teamwork to provide each other with support. “When it comes to needing help or advice, we share and share alike. You provide advice to a team mate to help them and vice versa. That’s what a team does”, said Bianca.

Whilst Bianca is a qualified tradie, there is always something new to learn. “I’m grateful to have the support and advice of my supervisor and leading hand who are teaching me facts about certain parts of the build that I might not necessarily consider. Every day is a lesson but most of the time the teacher is different, and sometimes, the teacher is me!”

Since joining the team, Bianca has learned the importance of work life balance enabling her to really focus on work, at work, and when she finishes her shift, she leaves work behind to spend time on her other interests.  Friends of Bianca say that she seemingly lives a double life as by day she’s a HD Mechanic and by night she’s an independent stylist selling linen. 

Bianca is living her best life balanced with the Yin and Yang of femininity and masculinity in her chosen career path.

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