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Zac Lewis
Graduate Mining Engineer, Peak Downs

Zac Lewis

Zac Lewis is excited to continue to grow and evolve in the world of civil engineering through Macmahon's graduate program.

Zac's passion for the design, construction and management stages of the infrastructure industry was piqued in his final high school years. Given the opportunity to try his hand at a few engineering projects, Zac found his interest grew while generating theoretical solutions and testing them to success.

After completing his studies in 2020 with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) majoring in construction, Zac eagerly applied for Macmahon's graduate program. Initially motivated by the program's clearly defined structure, the shared values and dedication to efficiently but safely achieve success held by both Zac and Macmahon drove him to set his sights on a career at Macmahon.

A keen team player, Zac entered his role as a Graduate Engineer at Macmahon, eager to develop his skills and learn how to achieve more in a group environment.

Zac explains, "The program also focuses on challenging each graduate in their own individual ways with relevant content including project management and communication to assist in developing and growing their people to shape the future of the company."

Through Macmahon's investment in the personal development of every graduate, Zac has appreciated the support and assistance of his mentors, notably Manager – Project Support, Carl Turner.

"My favourite part of the program so far is being able to open up to my mentors and set goals which are regularly reviewed to ensure that I am on track to achieve what I would like in the future," Zac said.

While joining a large company straight out of university can be daunting, Carl helped Zac to find his feet, granting him opportunities to discover more about the business, industry and where his unique skills lie.

As an aspiring Project Engineer, Zac's team of mentors have ensured he is never short of opportunities to develop his skills in this area. From conducting regular meetings with clients to providing claims, forecasts, quality management and construction methodologies, Zac has eagerly taken on these opportunities to flex his project management muscles. He is on track to one day take control of a civil project himself.

"My aspirations for the future are to manage a civil project and work together with a team successfully to meet a budget both safely and in a time-efficient manner and to continue to impress our existing as well as new potential future clients," Zac said.

Outside of the world of civil services, you'll find Zac in the great outdoors, going to the beach or camping with friends to keep up a balanced lifestyle. With such a strong passion for the industry and willingness to learn, Zac is definitely in a position to succeed at Macmahon and become a solid member of the civil project team.

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Joel Cucel
Operator, Telfer Gold Mine

Joel Cucel

Joel Cucel always wanted to work in the mining industry. He knew it would allow him to live a balanced lifestyle with a considerable income.

But before joining Macmahon, Joel was busy running a 24-hr business with his father. He worked 7 days a week, starting at 4am and finishing at 10pm.

After three years, the family bought a fruit and vegetable growers market with a retail shop. They employed 60 people. Again, Joel worked long hours. He was tired all the time and couldn’t spend much time with his family.

After more than a decade of contemplating a career change, Joel finally decided to throw his hat in the ring and apply for Macmahon's DTO training program. Macmahon's DTO training program gives people the opportunity to enter the mining industry and receive training for their chosen careers. The training program not only provides nationally recognised qualifications but employment at the end.

Joel was lucky enough to be selected for the training program on 15th of November, 2018, and joined the production team on Telfer Gold Mine. Joel helps to ensure the mine runs productively and efficiently.

“I would thoroughly recommend Macmahon's DTO training program to anyone who wants to enter the mining industry,” says Joel. “I gained significant knowledge from highly experienced people.”

Joel learnt a lot in a short space of time. As an Ancillary operator, Joel operates multiple machines. He’s driven Dump trucks, compact rollers – flattening drill patterns and smoothing uneven roads – and operated water carts.

Joel now drives a CAT 854G wheeled dozer, where he builds new intersections, digger floor cleans, push dumps, and cleans up spills.

“Learning to drive different sized trucks has broadened my skills considerably,” says Joel. “My biggest achievement so far is learning new machines such as the wheel dozer.”

The friendly and supportive environment at Telfer makes it an enjoyable place to work. Joel looks forward to his swing because of the camaraderie he feels on site.

“It's a great environment at Telfer. Everyone looks out for each other. We all work as a team to keep production rolling smoothly,” says Joel.

Work-life balance is important to Joel and was one of the reasons he wanted to escape the fruit and vegetable business. He now works a 2:2 roster and finds that he’s able to maintain an ideal work-life balance.

“I spend so much more time with my family compared to when I was running my business,” said Joel. “I pick my children up from school every day when I'm home.”

Joel is grateful for the opportunity to build a career in the mines and live a life he loves.

“I’ve never looked back,” says Joel

Meghan Williams
Manager, Business Systems

Spiros Christour

Since 2004 Meghan Williams has developed her IT career in roles from Helpdesk Officer, to acting Group Manager – Technology & Innovation. Now as Manager – Business Systems, Meghan provides leadership to the Business Systems and Service Desk teams who are responsible for the day to day support of all software and applications including system maintenance, testing and analysis of problems and possible solutions for key issues.

Working in IT and in mining provides considerable scope for travel. “I have seen some truly amazing places through different site trips, beautiful landscapes driving to Waihi, Renison and Eaglefield, along with wonderful introductions to local cultures in Indonesia and Mongolia,” said Meghan.

Mentors play an important role and while Meghan doesn’t point out anyone in particular, she did pay attention to other females in leadership positions during her career. “It might sound cliché but working in a male dominated profession (IT) in a male dominated industry like mining can be daunting at times. We have been lucky to have many truly talented women in the organisation over the years that I have worked for the company, and they have helped motivate me to where I am today.”

As part of her career development, Meghan was fortunate to be selected for Macmahon’s graduate program, which opened her eyes to broader operational perspectives. Along the way Macmahon has also supported Meghan to complete her MBA and more recently, she has participated in an emerging leader program, which will continue with further leadership training in 2021.

Meghan has certainly worked hard to get to where she is today with many achievements to be proud of. “One of my fondest memories to date was in 2008 when the CIO at the time resigned. I was approached with a retention offer and whilst the financial reward to stay was enticing, more so it was personally rewarding to be recognised as someone Macmahon wanted to keep within the organisation.”

Since joining the company, Meghan has learned that anything can be achieved if it is planned for applying this logic to both her professional and personal life. “The things that always catch us out are the things that we didn’t think of. It’s also important not to get too wedded to a plan – because plans will always change and now, I simply make sure I have planned for the change!”

Speaking of her personal life, Meghan fell in love across the cubicle divide, marrying a fellow IT Manager. She and husband Chris have built a family with their three beautiful children. Her life is certainly busy with her youngest child just two years old. “I’m now working four days a week which is hectic at times but planning and organisation helps things run smoothly.”

A couple of fun facts about Meghan. She has a passion for shoes, so much so that there was a reference in her wedding vows that her husband is never allowed to complain about additions to her collection. Not quite as fun for Meghan, but funny all the same is her fear of frogs. If you’re in the industry and travel to site, its fairly frequent that you’ll come across a frog or three and Meghan has had her fair share of roommates in her time including when a tap turned out to be a tree frog!

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Jayden Cody
Boilermaker, Macmahon Maintenance Masters

Spiros Christour

Jayden Cody is one of our newest Macmahon Maintenance Masters employees. Starting only three months ago after completing his apprenticeship as a boilermaker, Jayden is no stranger to Macmahon. During his apprenticeship, Jayden contracted to Macmahon for two years at Tropicana before making the move across as a permanent employee.

“Getting this role and making the move straight out of my apprenticeship was a huge achievement and I’m really proud of myself. It has been a big step up from where I was and Macmahon have supported me and trusted the skills I have developed. Making the move across to Macmahon as part of the Macmahon Maintenance Masters team has been driven by wanting to work for an employer that can provide job security, good rates while knowing they look after their staff,” he said.

Since starting with Macmahon, Jayden has learnt that he can trust his skills to problem solve and diagnose. “I often work by myself which has built my confidence to know I can get the job done,” he said.

Currently working a 2:1 roster at our Tropicana site, Jayden speaks highly of the crews he works with who have helped the transition seamless. “I knew the guys on site from my previous role, I know how they like to work and how Macmahon operates. The comradery we have is great,” he said. Jayden is constantly learning from those around him, soaking up skills and knowledge from fellow tradespeople to advance his career at Macmahon.

Based in Kalgoorlie, Jayden really values his R&R spending time with his young family, parents and sisters. “Macmahon value work-life balance, having a family friendly roster makes FIFO worth it. There’s nothing better than fly-out day knowing I have the whole next week with my family.” If Jayden isn’t spending time with his family, he’s playing for the local Boulder Tigers footy team or keeping fit in the gym.

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Nadine Linnartz
Project Engineer, Deflector Underground Mine, WA

Nadine Linnartz

Since joining GBF in September 2018, Nadine Linnartz has thrived in a variety of underground mining roles. Highly capable and skilled with a drive to upskill, Nadine has quickly worked her way up to her current role as Project Engineer at the Deflector Underground Mine in WA.

While she was working as a Bogger Operator at the Silverlake Resources Mt Monger operations in Kalgoorlie, Project Manager Michael Naughton noticed the engineering degree on Nadine’s resume. With a position as a Project Engineer for Macmahon up for grabs, Michael encouraged Nadine to apply for the role, which would be at the Deflector Underground Mine.

“We both agreed that it is a great fit for the experience I have, and it came in line with what I always wanted to do,” Nadine said.

Since taking on the new role in July 2021, Nadine has flourished. She has combined practical underground experience with her mechanical engineering degree and Diploma in Frontline Management to assist the Project Manager with underground operations. Nadine has felt consistently supported by her team while adjusting to the new role. She has received offers of support, help and mentorship from Project Managers working at different mine sites.

With Nadine's solid worth ethic and dedication to ongoing learning, Macmahon’s study program makes further studies at Curtin University possible as she starts her graduate Diploma in Mining in early 2022. In addition, German-born Nadine has various other personal projects on the horizon, including gaining rock drill experience, completing her shift boss ticket and applying for her WA first-class mine manager certificate to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a Project Manager.

“Macmahon–GBF provides a close-knit, multiskilled working environment that enables people to better themselves. So, if you’re looking to become more independent and gain new skills that allow you to build on your foundations, look no further,” she says.

Nadine is a proud Australian permanent resident who encourages all women considering a career in mining to just go for it.

“Take advantage of the opportunities that are presented, work hard and be confident in your ability and you will be successful.”

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Brad Morrison
Specialist – Labour Support, Perth, WAC

Brad Morrison

Macmahon has an extensive plant and maintenance division that proudly supports our global operations. This area of our workforce includes HD mechanics, auto electricians and boilermakers who work hard to ensure that our fleet keeps running at optimum levels.

To attract new people to the business, we appreciate that providing employment options is key to recruit and retain skilled tradespeople, therefore we are excited to launch a new labour support division. To ensure this division is a success, Macmahon looked internally for a highly experienced person with the drive and temperament to thrive in the role of Specialist – Labour Support. Brad Morrison, was the obvious choice.

Brad started his career some 15 years ago as an Apprentice HD Mechanic with Macmahon and has significant experience in heavy rebuilds and components along with ~10 years field service. Brad’s now enjoying the challenge of coming off the tools to learn the ropes in an office environment with the various processes and systems involved in recruiting and looking after our people.

During his time with Macmahon, Brad has undertaken a variety of high risk work licence training including forklift, crane, EWP, dogging and rigging plus various Caterpillar machine courses which positions him well for his new role. He credits many people that have helped him in his career along the way and singles out Supervisor, Geoff Hunter. “Geoff was my first supervisor and my recent supervisor up until I started this new role. He has helped me to get to where I am today and I’m sure he will continue to offer ongoing support.”

“I’ve been in the industry, and with Macmahon, long enough to be efficient and understand what is required for the company to achieve the best outcome from the new labour division. I’m laser focussed on my goals to source and look after the best people for the jobs available,” said Brad.

Brad is excited about his new role and the new labour support division. “I think this has been a long time coming and it’s going to be a major step forward in supporting our many sites. I am hoping to build a strong team and work closely with them so we can be the best in the business.”

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Janice Pandian
Graduate Mine Engineer, Perth, WAC

Janice Pandian

Janice Pandian is currently looking forward to continuing her efforts in operations after completing a six month rotation in operating our haul trucks.

Janice is an aspiring project manager in the making who knows that it takes a strong understanding of risk management processes and self management skills to reach her goal of managing one of Macmahon’s projects in the future.

Janice’s performance in Year 12 gave her an indication of her strengths, and she chose to study Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy to ensure she was in a strong position to enter the resources industry, in particular Macmahon. By thoroughly researching companies she was considering, Janice was impressed by Macmahon’s recent financial performance and substantial order book in existing contracts which gave her confidence in the company’s future outlook.

Having set her sights on Macmahon, Janice considered the company’s graduate development program and learned that over the course of three year’s she would be well positioned to gain experience across the company’s wide range of operations and business improvement initiatives.

After working with Macmahon’s drill and blast engineers, Janice has transitioned from load and haul to drill and blast and will be serving as part of the blast crew to supplement her engineering career and help her obtain her Quarry Manager’s ticket.

“Macmahon focusses on retaining their graduates and this has been demonstrated in the training opportunities I have been afforded thus far. There are countless opportunities for me to add value and improve how I contribute to the business”, said Janice.

Through the structured professional skills and project management training we undertake as part of the program, I have been able to access tools that shape my daily workflow and work through the different stages of a project effectively. 

Janice’s business acumen, passion for the industry, and drive to succeed has put her in a really strong position to succeed at Macmahon.

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Justin Dickenson
Supervisor Production, Mt Morgans

Justin Dickenson

Justin Dickenson joined Macmahon as a Shotfirer back in December 2009 at the Tropicana Gold Mine and more recently at Dacian Gold’s Mt Morgans site near Laverton in WA. Justin has held numerous roles over his 12 years with Macmahon including Shotfirer, Driller, Leading Hand Driller, D&B Supervisor, D&B Trainer, RTO Training Advisor and Production Supervisor. As a result of this hands on experience, Justin has now developed a distinctive supervision style when managing people in his team. “I’m not a micro manager. I believe in people knowing their job and wanting to work, then giving them the information they need to make the correct decisions during the course of the day.”

Now as a Supervisor, Justin’s greatest accomplishment comes from the sense of achievement he feels when helping people learn new skills and advance their careers. “It is a great sense of achievement helping people advance their careers. Especially now as a Supervisor with my training background. Being able to build a team, and advance people who show potential and are keen to progress, makes my day,” he said.

As a seasoned Training mining professional, Justin has undertaken numerous training courses and achieved multiple qualifications, so much so, there is too many to mention. Most important to Justin, is his recent achievement of the Cert IV Training and Education qualification, together with his Senior First Aid Training qualification.

Justin attributes both his leadership training and learning onsite from his first mentor, Manager Sean Judd, in helping develop his career. “The Effective Supervision Course was a big help in being able to have difficult conversations with employees.

“I’ve been really fortunate to have a fantastic manager and mentor in Sean Judd, who, over a two year period at Tropicana helped develop my training career by teaching me a lot about building a team and controlling a work environment. “The key thing I have learnt from this knowledge and hands on work experience, is that I’m capable of more than I know. As a result, the best thing about working with Macmahon has been my career progression to date,” Justin said.

Outside of work, Justin enjoys all things sports with a particular interest in cricket and AFL. “I encourage sports onsite and also play cricket offsite with a few of the Macmahon guys with Roleystone/Karragullen Cricket Club, playing every break through the cricket season.

“West Coast Eagles are my favourite team, and I enjoy heading to Optus Stadium to watch them play whenever I get the chance.”

When not playing cricket or watching his beloved Eagles, Justin loves spending quality time with his wife and two children aged 18 years and 14 years at their home in Perth.

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