Workplace Relations

Macmahon strives to provide an employment climate and culture in which every employee has the opportunity to apply and develop their abilities so as to achieve their potential.

Macmahon believes in treating all people with respect and dignity.

To achieve this Macmahon will:

  • Employ the best person for the job regardless of gender, race, nationality, disability, family circumstance, sexual orientation or age.
  • Appraise, develop and promote all employees on the basis of demonstrated performance, ability and potential.
  • Reward excellence, promote the principles of equal opportunity and take into account individual employee aspirations.
  • Maintain a workforce free from all forms of harassment and discrimination.
  • Make confidential counselling and support available to all employees to assist with any workplace issues that may arise through a system of internal Equal Employment Opportunity Contact Officers and external professionals via the Employee Assistance Program.
  • Promote mutual respect in the work environment and adopt a zero tolerance approach to workplace bullying and harassment.

All Macmahon employees are responsible for upholding this policy and eliminating any practices and behaviour which are discriminatory or which could lead to discrimination, workplace bullying or harassment in the workplace.