Risk Management

Macmahon is committed to effective risk management to achieve its business objectives. We understand that all business ventures have associated risks and opportunities.

The Macmahon policy is to develop, implement, maintain and improve risk and opportunity management systems that will allow us to:

  • Identify, assess and manage risks in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Use risk management to assist in making better decisions.
  • Understand and manage the risks associated with meeting our business objectives.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities based on their risk / opportunity balance.

Macmahon commits to do this by:

  • Implementing a robust and business appropriate risk assessment and reporting system.
  • Training employees to use the system and apply suitable risk management methodologies for their business and work applications.
  • Embedding risk management into our everyday practices and business processes to improve our business.
  • Monitoring, reviewing and improving the system as the business and external environment changes
  • Providing appropriate resources to manage and reduce risks to maintain a suitable risk / opportunity balance.

This Risk Management Policy constitutes the commitment of all management and employees to risk management. We aim to continually improve our management of risks to make better decisions to achieve our objectives and reduce the likelihood and consequences of adverse events on our business to acceptable levels.