Paul Willems, Project Manager, Tropicana

Paul Willems
Project Manager, Tropicana

Paul WillemsPaul Willems’ 25 year mining career has taken him to a number of South East Asian countries including Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Tanzania, Guinea, Solomon Islands, Zambia and our close neighbour Indonesia.

Paul has come a long way from his original introduction into construction and mining from his Grandfather on the Burrup Gas Project in Karratha to now where he is happy to be back in Australia, at the Tropicana Gold Mine.

Originally taking on the Alt Project Manager in 2014, Paul looked to join a company where he could bring his wealth of experience and add value to a business. “I heard that Macmahon was focused on a growth and improvement strategy which immediately piqued my interest,” said Paul.

Paul is currently the site’s Project Manager and is proud to be part of the journey and success of the Tropicana mine which he attributes to living the company’s core values.

“I highly rate our workforce’s commitment to deliver our business objectives to our client, Anglo Gold Ashanti (AGAA) and am fortunate to have a couple of mentors at both Macmahon and AGAA, who I have the utmost respect for,” said Paul.

“Tropicana is a site that is dynamic, demanding and challenging and we are fortunate to have a client that is supportive and committed to our success,” said Paul. “The Alliance relationship has matured to a sustainable level that remains positive and promotes a culture that looks at resolution with shared benefits.”

Throughout his mining career Paul has learnt the effectiveness of being a good listener, being patient and supportive by mentoring and advising people.

Paul enjoys playing in the site indoor cricket team and the occasional game of golf with the crew and looks back fondly on his younger years when he played high level baseball and football in the West Australian Football League (WAFL). Any other spare time is spent travelling and creating music be it with his off-site band, the Preloaderz, “we are the band you see, before you see a real band”, Paul said or jamming with some of the site talent at Tropicana.

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